Welcome to 2020!

A very happy new year to our Squirrels community. We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break. FoS are very excited for the year ahead, there are plenty of amazing activities planned for the boys, these have all been suggested by the school’s teaching staff and funded by FoS to advance the boys education.

All year groups will be participating in dance workshops this term, starting this week! We also have an upcoming book week with visiting authors and story tellers, visiting artists and much more.

These extra activities are only possible because of the fundraising FoS undertake each year and the involvement by parents of the school in the FoS committee. FoS are always looking for new members to help raise and distribute funds for the benefit of the school community. Our next meeting will be held in Orchard Hall on Monday 13th January from 7.30pm, we would love to see some new faces there.

FoS are looking for a new treasurer, if you would like to join FoS and require more information on the role please contact fos.chair@gmail.com, your support would be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you all on the school grounds, please always feel free to come and chat to us, ask any questions or raise concerns.

Meagan & Kellie

Co-Chairs FoS

Annual Quiz Night Thank You

Thank you to all those who came along and supported the FoS annual Quiz  night. By all accounts everyone had a fun and fabulous evening. Congratulations to the winning team, who just beat out their competition. There was 1 point between the top 3 teams, we will see if the champions will reign again next year.

FoS are happy to announce we raised a gross total of £2095 and we will be donating 10% of this to the hard working local charity Regenerate. For more information about the wonderful work Regenerate do, please visit their website and do not forget to support their fabulous initiative the Feel Good Bakery for South West London’s best sandwiches!

FoS would also like to give another special thank you to Year 1 Dad, Mark Gale, who did a wonderful job hosting the quiz on the night! His wit and humor added a lot of laughs to the evening.



We are all very excited about the upcoming annual Quiz Night!

It promises to be a fun filled night, parents & teachers will show off their general knowledge skills while raising funds for FoS and our nominated charity Regenerate UK.

Regenerate are a wonderful local charity who work within the Roehampton estate and other estates in South West London. Regenerate aim to transform the lives of youths  by providing support, training and opportunities to thrive. If you would like to learn more about Regenerate please see their website http://www.regenerateuk.co.uk/

Tickets are still available, if you do not have a full table and would like to come please email fos.chair@gmail.com and we will match you with other parents. We hope to see you all there. If you have a full table, please purchase via the Eventbrite link!

Kellie & Meagan (FoS Co-chairs)


Friends of Squirrels would like to welcome all parents to the new school year.

We would especially like to welcome all the new reception parents into the Squirrels community. Starting a new school can be daunting for both children and parents, a lovely way to be more involved with the school community is to join Friends of Squirrels (FoS). FoS is a parent body for all parents of boys at WCPS, it is run by a fantastic group of parents on the FoS committee.

We run events and fundraisers throughout the year, bringing together the boys, parents and teachers. We hope that we can help foster a lively school community, as well as channel funds directly back into the boys’ enrichment at school.

Joining FOS is easy, simply come along to a meeting and get involved with helping raise and allocate funds to enrich our boys schooling experience.

We hold monthly meetings at the school. Our first meeting is on the 9th of September from 7pm in the Orchard Hall, we hope to see you there.

We have some exciting plans for the year and can’t wait to share them with you all. Our first fundraising event will be the annual Quiz Night Friday 4th October, 7.30pm at KCS Dining Hall

The night promises to an action packed night full of laughs. Stay tuned for updates and how to purchase tickets.

Kellie & Meagan (Co-Chairs FoS)

Squirrel Feeding

Photo Sharing

Friends of Squirrels (FoS) have recently paid for a new school camera. The camera is an SLR and will really enhance the images that can be captured around the school. It has already been put it to good use and we invite you to take a look and download any pictures you like:

  1. Centenary Summer Fair (our usual photographer was unable to make it)
  2. Class photos – we had feedback that the photos earlier this year were not as traditional as many would prefer
  3. Year 2 tennis finals

You can download the photos for free at the SMUGMUG website. Please feel free to download as many as you wish, there is no limit.
In order to maintain tight security, the website is password protected. The same password works across the website and for all galleries. The password will be emailed out separately. If you do need it, please ask a member of FoS or at the School Office.

The link to the website is: https://wimbledoncommonprepschool.smugmug.com/

If you would like to download an image, please use the button at the bottom of the picture and not the top. The bottom button will download only the photo in view, the one at the top will download the whole gallery.


Year Group Bags

Dear Parents,

To commemorate our centenary celebrations, the boys have all created a lovely self-portrait to be featured on a “Year Group Bag.”

This bag (separate design for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) will include all of the children’s artwork from within their year. Additionally, it is also possible to order any other item besides the bag (mugs/mouse mats/aprons/calendar) with your child’s individual design.

Thank you to Menka for all her hard work on this

FOS Bags

A sample bag has been printed for each year group and is on display in the school office during this week. These will also be displayed during pick up on Tuesday, 26th February.

A card with your child’s artwork will have been sent home this week. Ordering instructions are included inside this card.

Orders placed by Thursday 7th March receive free delivery to the school w/c 18th March ( just in time for Mother’s day, in case you’re also looking for Grandma gift ideas). All orders to the value of £20 or more get a free pack of mini cards similar to the ones you receive with the ordering instructions.


We have had a few queries regarding the ordering of the Year Group Bags and would therefore like to clarify the following :

  • If you order the “Shopping Bag” online, you will be sent the bag with the Year Group design for your child.
  • There is NO delivery charge for orders placed before the 7th of March. If you do see a delivery charge, it could be related to the fact that your browser is holding in some cache setting on your device from the Christmas project and will disappear once the cache has been cleared. Any delivery charges which may have been paid as a result of this cache setting, it will automatically be refunded by Fat Chilli.


Thank you,

Friends of Squirrels


Centenary Ball Update

Dear Parents

With a little over 3 weeks to go, we hope that you are all super excited about our upcoming Centenary Ball!

The Ball Committee have been actively working hard to ensure all is ready for our big event and in the meantime we wanted to update you on what to expect in the coming weeks.

In the week following the half-term break (w/c 25th Feb), we will distribute the tickets to all table hosts, so please do look out for further news on this.  I will also send out a final email to confirm all table names and dietary requirements.

We also cannot wait to share with you our auction prizes!!  We have some amazing prizes from the much sought after ‘be Mrs Buck’ for the day, or ‘be Mr Morrison’s Assistant’, to stunning holiday homes, VIP ‘must see’ music events, unique one-off pieces of artwork, sporting memorabilia, a private chef…to name but a few!

A reminder that the funds raised on the night will not only go towards enhancing all our boys’ school experiences, but 30% of proceeds will go to the cardiac wing of Great Ormond Street Hospital, to help children who aren’t as fortunate as our boys, so please do dig deep and be as generous as you possibly can!!

Not able to come to the Ball?  Fear not!  For the first time ever, we will be having an online silent auction, which will go live w/c 25th Feb and will stay live for bids right up until the event itself!  So all parents will have the opportunity to bid for prizes, even during the event (even if they’re not attending).  Some select prizes will be live only on the night.  Please look out for further information on this after half-term.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Centenary Ball on the 9th March.  We are sure everyone will have an amazing night of wining, dining and dancing!

Do let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great half-term holiday and thank you for your endless support!

Yuzana (Yuzi) Chen

Chair, Friends of Squirrels Centenary Ball Committee 2019

Sponsored by


Next FOS Meeting


Our next FOS meeting will be held on Monday 5th November from 7.30 in Orchard Hall.  Everyone is welcome (you’re all members of Friends of Squirrels you know!). As it’s Bonfire Night we’ll be providing marshmallows (untoasted).

This month’s agenda is:

  • Attendees
  • Last meeting’s minutes
  • Treasurer’s overview
  • Wish list
  • Feedback from Quiz Night
  • Fundraising: Vallebona & Fat Chilli Cards update. Northbrook
  • Christmas Fair
  • Centenary plans
  • FOS Website
  • Next meeting dates
  • AOB



WCPS celebrates its centenary in 2019, and we want you to
join us to celebrate this landmark.


We’re planning a series of events for WCPS boys, alumni,
parents and friends and we’d love you to be involved.

Please join Friends of Squirrels for a drink and a chance to
find out more:

Monday 17 September
The Swan in Wimbledon
89 Ridgway, SW19 4S