A very happy new year to our Squirrels community. We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break. FoS are very excited for the year ahead, there are plenty of amazing activities planned for the boys, these have all been suggested by the school’s teaching staff and funded by FoS to advance the boys education.

All year groups will be participating in dance workshops this term, starting this week! We also have an upcoming book week with visiting authors and story tellers, visiting artists and much more.

These extra activities are only possible because of the fundraising FoS undertake each year and the involvement by parents of the school in the FoS committee. FoS are always looking for new members to help raise and distribute funds for the benefit of the school community. Our next meeting will be held in Orchard Hall on Monday 13th January from 7.30pm, we would love to see some new faces there.

FoS are looking for a new treasurer, if you would like to join FoS and require more information on the role please contact fos.chair@gmail.com, your support would be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you all on the school grounds, please always feel free to come and chat to us, ask any questions or raise concerns.

Meagan & Kellie

Co-Chairs FoS