Dear Parents,

To commemorate our centenary celebrations, the boys have all created a lovely self-portrait to be featured on a “Year Group Bag.”

This bag (separate design for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) will include all of the children’s artwork from within their year. Additionally, it is also possible to order any other item besides the bag (mugs/mouse mats/aprons/calendar) with your child’s individual design.

Thank you to Menka for all her hard work on this

FOS Bags

A sample bag has been printed for each year group and is on display in the school office during this week. These will also be displayed during pick up on Tuesday, 26th February.

A card with your child’s artwork will have been sent home this week. Ordering instructions are included inside this card.

Orders placed by Thursday 7th March receive free delivery to the school w/c 18th March ( just in time for Mother’s day, in case you’re also looking for Grandma gift ideas). All orders to the value of £20 or more get a free pack of mini cards similar to the ones you receive with the ordering instructions.


We have had a few queries regarding the ordering of the Year Group Bags and would therefore like to clarify the following :

  • If you order the “Shopping Bag” online, you will be sent the bag with the Year Group design for your child.
  • There is NO delivery charge for orders placed before the 7th of March. If you do see a delivery charge, it could be related to the fact that your browser is holding in some cache setting on your device from the Christmas project and will disappear once the cache has been cleared. Any delivery charges which may have been paid as a result of this cache setting, it will automatically be refunded by Fat Chilli.


Thank you,

Friends of Squirrels